Los Angeles Mayoral Campaign Coverage Virtually Non-Existent

Did you know Los Angeles has a mayoral election coming up March 3? Many Angelenos aren’t aware of it either. But the fact that there has been virtually no press coverage regarding the election is no excuse.

It’s an embarrassment that the turnout is so low in this city. The current mayor, the racist, lech scumbag Antonio Villaraigosa, doesn’t even see a need to run a campaign at all. He runs a commercial here and there, but didn’t even feel the need to debate any of the candidates. Why should he? Without press coverage, many people are flat unaware that an election is upcoming, and for those that do know, Villaraigosa will be the only name they recognize.

It’s easy to hoodwink this town though. In the last election, voters approved a tax hike for themselves, thinking it was a tax cut. They didn’t understand the ballot measure, but voted on it anyway. Same deal extending term limits for the useless city council. People didn’t understand what they were reading (if indeed they could read at all), and voted the opposite of what they wanted. What do you expect? This is the same town that votes in the same hacks again and again, and when term limits finally do kick in, these crooks just move on to a different office and start the clock all over again.

Yes, Diebold plays a role in Los Angeles, but the people play an even bigger role, and these hacks are playing them like a violin. Los Angeles has one more chance in my opinion. His name is Walter Moore, and although he would be alone in a sea of sharks should he win, at least he would try, because he actually cares what happens to Los Angeles.

Walter Moore for mayor of Los Angeles, March 3.

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