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Criminally Absurd: ANOTHER Tax Cheat For Obama

How many does this make? I’ve lost count. In a move certain to set some kind of record in scumbaggery, Barack Obama has tapped yet another tax cheat for his administration. Today’s crook is Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas. What’s … Continue reading

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Mexico Says “No” To Any Real Drug War Help

The controversially elected (man, that sounds familiar), Mexican president Felipe Caulderon has tossed the idea of joint raids with U.S. forces out the window. In a drug war that has caused his country to become one of biggest security threats … Continue reading

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Tax On The Poor About To Take Effect

On April 1, a federal tobacco tax increase of 61 cents will take effect, the proceeds used to fund some kind of government run health care thing for kids. Well, sounds like a great idea, right? Not so fast. Barack … Continue reading

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Youth Brigade Bill To Include ACORN Funding

That’s right, when the government comes and drags your children out of the house for a little mandatory service, guess who will be doing the nuts and bolts indoctrination? The Senate laughed off an amendment by Sen. David Vitter, R-La. … Continue reading

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Massive Computer Spy Network Exposed

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. The surprise is that very little is being done. A Canadian research group has uncovered a computer spy ring with tentacles in at least 100 countries, spying and stealing information everywhere form embassies … Continue reading

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Fusion Center Profiling Targets Most Americans

Did you know you may be part of a militia? It’s true, the government says so. A murky government entity know as a fusion center has the power to gather information and disseminate that information, apparently as they see fit, … Continue reading

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Anti-War Protests Fizzle Under Obama

We’re still in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan is being ramped up as we speak. The missile launch by North Korea is being viewed as provacative, yet the annual anti-war protests that used to draw large crowds to protest the … Continue reading

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Unbelievable: Obama Taps AIG Exec As Advisor

Yes, you heard it right. The man that feigned outrage over AIG bonuses has taken one of the AIG goons and put him on the Task Force on Tax Reform. That’s the group that will sit around thinking of new … Continue reading

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Obama To Give Welfare To Terrorists

When Barack Obama decided to close down Gitmo, the question (other than “what the hell was he thinking?”), was what to do with these enemy combatants? Well, we just found out, and and the plan should enrage Americans and drop … Continue reading

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California Looks To Ban Dark Cars

If you aren’t familiar with California politics, consider yourself lucky. The latest goofballery coming from Sacramento involves what color car you drive. What’s the difference you say? Well, according to the global warming goons, darker cars take in more heat … Continue reading

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