Bank of America Confidential Bonus Party

As they continue to lap up billions of tax dollars against the will of the American people, Bank of America just can’t stop giving us the finger. Right before B of A snapped up Merrill Lynch, billions of dollars in bonuses were paid out to the failed company. You say before they bought it. Well, maybe they didn’t know about about the bonuses? They knew.

That didn’t stop them from emptying your wallet, and they obviously didn’t volunteer the information before the bailout. The New York attorney general finally got wind of this corruption and started an investigation. Bank of America isn’t being exactly cooperative. If you need to show up with an attorney, that would raise a red flag right there. That’s exactly what Kenneth Lewis, chief executive officer did.

Lewis is refusing to turn over the names of the bonus recipients unless they are kept confidential. Why would that be?

Bank of America has been offering the names of individual bonus recipients to Cuomo for two weeks on the condition that he keep them confidential, said Robert Stickler, a bank spokesman in phone interview yesterday.

“He refused to do that,” Stickler said. “We believe our employees are entitled to privacy in terms of their compensation. We also believe that to make the compensation of individuals public would put us at a competitive disadvantage with people who want to recruit our employees.”

What? Who would want to recruit these inept, corrupt thieves? Maybe other corrupt thieves. There are plenty of them.

Bank of America has received $45 billion of TARP money, and they refuse to say what they did with that as well. Too big to fail? No, too corrupt to survive…

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