Pelosi Snowed Out Of Global Warming Protest

Yes, you heard it right. A funny thing happened on the way to the global warming charade. It seems that Nancy Pelosi was stuck in San Francisco, her private jet unable to navigate through the blizzard in D.C., where the planned festivities were to be held.

She wasn’t alone. The protest could be considered by all sides pretty much a flop. The attendance wasn’t nearly a large as it would have been due to the blizzard, and the sight of a gaggle of protesters buttoned to the neck to stave off the cold looked like some kind of sitcom episode. It’s hard to imagine how those protesters could stand out there and do what they were doing with a straight face.

Are you starting to get it people? Does Al Gore look a little goofier these days? Is Obama blowing your tax dollars on some kind of goofball global warming post/czar/department-whatever the hell he created looking like earmark 9001? Sure, there will be those that will just follow the pied piper into the sea, but for the rest of us with some common sense-I think it’s our duty to save the crackpots from themselves. They’re part of the country too, and we need to bring them on board. I think they can be reformed. They’ve just been duped. Haven’t we all been duped at some point?

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2 Responses to Pelosi Snowed Out Of Global Warming Protest

  1. opinionforum says:

    Pelosi’s private jet is grounded…global warming nuts marching in a blizzard…the ironies are just too rich!

  2. rjjrdq says:

    It’s hilarious until you realize that billion dollar policies are being built around this scam. That’s not funny at all.

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