Unreal: Yet Another Obama Tax Cheat

This would almost be funny if not for the fact that Barack Obama is on a tax raising rampage. That is apparently unless you work for him. Joining a parade of tax cheats that Obama has chosen for his transparent administration, Ron Kirk, former mayor of Dallas is next in line, and he’s as dirty as the rest of them.

How’s this for slime: Reporting income as a charitable donation, but not reporting it as income. Yes, he took the money, didn’t report it, and then took a tax deduction claiming that same money as a charitable contribution. The outrage doesn’t stop there. How about writing off season tickets for the Dallas Mavericks as a business expense!

This guy is going to be the trade representative? And he will be, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Montana, the chairman of the Finance Committee says so.

These are key jobs. Is Obama’s judgment that horrible? Wouldn’t you check the guy out first before you open your mouth and nominate him? Not Obama. One fraud after another gets hired in his administration. Well, why not? Obama knows a little something about fraud himself, doesn’t he?

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2 Responses to Unreal: Yet Another Obama Tax Cheat

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    And Obama says he is now going after tax cheats…don’t you think he needs to start working on that project at the White House where there are many tax dodgers? 🙂

  2. rjjrdq says:

    He hires the cheats. Obama is looking to close legitimate tax loopholes.

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