Dems To Kill School Vouchers For Poor Kids?

Yes, the same school voucher program that allows inner city children to attend school with Barack Obama’s girls. Not for long though, if the Democrats have anything to say about it.

Language inserted into the omnibus earmark bill would sunset the voucher program unless it was reapproved by congress. Yes, the same congress that inserted the sunset language. All they have to do is nothing and poor kids will have to return to the same ineffective poorly run schools that they came from. Of course Obama has the money to keep his kids out of those kinds of hell-holes. Funny, what he preaches for America he doesn’t practice for himself.

The language in the bill was apparently inserted by tricky Dick Durbin. You know Durbin, he’s the guy that came up with the back door amendment for the Fairness doctrine in the Senate. Yep, he wants to take away freedom of speech, and now freedom of education. And not a peep out of Obama. Why should he say anything? This is a great way to get that riff-raff out of Sasha and Malia’s school.

Not a word from Obama. Maybe his mouth is full. While he dines on bloody steaks and champagne, the rest of us can apparently eat cake.

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2 Responses to Dems To Kill School Vouchers For Poor Kids?

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Obama does noot care about America, he is doing his best to bankrupt her in his first 4 years cause he does not think he will get another 4 to work with. He talks one story and does another in fact he has been lying to the American people.

  2. rjjrdq says:

    Unfortunately, if he can destroy the free market to the point where it just can’t come back, his communist dream may just come true.

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