L.A. Mayor Skulks Into Second Term

In a mayoral race where 9 relatively unknown candidates split votes between them, you would think that the incumbent, Antonio Mecha Villaraigosa would have cruised to victory Tuesday. Technically he did, but with a vote of less than 50% mandating a runoff with the closest challenger, he made it just under the wire.

Depending on who you ask, he got between 53 and 56% of the vote. The next closest challenger, Walter Moore, garnered 26%. Landslide, right? Not so fast. Villa only got 127,000 votes or so in a city of 4 million. Moore is virtually unknown, and what little media attention he has gotten has just characterized him as a fringe kook with no business running for mayor. More on that kook in a minute.

15% of eligible voters (and some ineligible-c’mon this is L.A.) showed up to vote. This is an embarrassment that should not only shame the people of Los Angeles, but Americans in general. In Los Angeles, traffic is legendarily horrible, infrastructure is deteriorating, taxes are going up, a race war is being allowed to simmer, and the city is being transformed into a third world dump, all of which the people are not happy about. But when it came time to do something about it, what did L.A. do? They stayed home. Many were unaware that an election was even taking place. Not to worry, there’s a good chance that an illegal alien voted for you. The apathy is appalling in this town, and the love fest the local media has with the racist incumbent is disgusting.

Other slime were running as well, either for reelection, or just merry-go-rounding to the next job, because term limits forced them out of their current one.

Walter Moore could have made some kind of difference, maybe even could have saved this town. A man who repeatedly challenged Villa to debates, with no response from the cowardly Villaraigosa. A man who graduated from Princeton and Georgetown Law School passing his bar exam on the first try. Why do I mention that? Villaraigosa tried to become a lawyer as well. He failed the bar 4 times and never did get his law degree. That didn’t stop the ACLU from hiring him though.

Los Angeles deserves what it has gotten, and what it will continue to get. Me? I’m making like millions of other ex-Californians and getting the hell out of here.

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