Joe The Plumber Sues Obama Thugs

All he did was ask a simple question. A working stiff who just wants to hang on to his money, and he had a question for then candidate Barack Obama. Well, that question put Obama on the spot and he gave away his socialist “spread the wealth” agenda at that moment. Supporters of Barack Obama made him pay for that indiscretion.

Helen Jones-Kelley, the director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and two of her hench-cretins are the focus of this suit. After Joe inadvertently made Obama look like a fool, these thugs abused their authority and dug up whatever dirt they could find on poor Joe, using the state database to do it. That’s a no-no according to Ohio’s inspector general and Jones-Kelley shit-canned herself before being dumped by the state.

That won’t save her from this lawsuit. Currently she’s hiding out, but she must answer this suit, or else. On the other hand, if you don’t have a defense, why bother?

Illegal data mining, ACORN chicanery, voting machine problems-that state is a real piece of work. To the good folks of Ohio who have nothing to do with this mess, I’m sorry. I’m sorry your great state has been overrun with human garbage. But then we all have our trash to take out, don’t we?

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