Bush More Popular Than Obama?

You would never know it by listening to the fawning media, but yes, George Bush’s job approval rating was slightly higher at this point in his presidency.

Remember, for Bush, this was just after the bruising 2000 election with hanging chads, Supreme Court rulings, and everything else that gave people reason to be disenfranchised. Obviously some people were not happy with the outcome, but the majority of the country thought Bush was all right at the time. This was before 9/11, before Iraq, before the amnesty push, before the attempt to sell of the ports of the United States to foreign interests, before the wiretapping controversy, before Dick Cheney shot anybody, before Alberto Gonzales was exposed as an incompetent boob-before any of that. Nobody really knew who George Bush was or what he would do, although his past was much more accessible than Obama’s currently is. Some of us have more information than others about Barry though.

A recent poll asked how touchy-feely they were about Obama, and he got high marks there. But as far as job performance, at this point, “W” had the edge. However, George Bush’s popularity actually increased over this time period, and Obama’s has fallen. A significant development.

America is doing what is generally does with new presidents: they give him the benefit of the doubt. Minds are starting to change though, even in Washington, and it remains to be seen how long Obama can continue to blame somebody else for the country’s problems. Until the fraud is exposed, this is his ship, and hopefully he won’t sink it.

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