Obama Looks To Surrender In Afghanistan

You think that’s just rhetoric? Think again. Barack Obama has decided that we’re getting our ass kicked in Afghanistan, and the best thing to do is cut some kind of deal with moderate elements of the Taliban.

Moderate? Taliban? That’s an oxy-moron. But Obama thinks that they exist, and he’s looking for them to share power in Afghanistan since-the U.S. is getting the snot knocked out of them so badly. He claims it’s just too complicated over there, and the Taliban have come up with innovative ways to bitch slap us and…Well, he’s throwing in the towel, and he wants Iran to help with the surrender terms. Yes, that Iran. The same holocaust denying loons that consider us the great satan is going to help us turn over Afghanistan to the Taliban. Didn’t they have Afghanistan before? How did that work out?

Obama is looking for something along the lines of the Swat deal hashed out by the hapless government in Pakistan. How did that work out? Obama is looking to hand Afghanistan back over to the same burka loving, clit chopping, school closing, women hating, shrine bombing thugs that hosted anti-American terrorist training camps. It must be true: Obama is just too preoccupied with domestic issues to focus on foreign policy. Why else would he be sending 17,000 more troops over there waving white flags? If he was smart we would just get the hell out of there and have our boys make an occasional bombing run to keep ’em honest. Too cold, too callous? More cold than having our troops standing around like hall monitors being picked off? Moderates. Good grief…

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2 Responses to Obama Looks To Surrender In Afghanistan

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