Border Chaos Raise Terrorism Fears

Members of Congress from border states are sounding the alarm over the out of control drug war in Mexico, with fears that the brutal cartels that are delivering the death blow to that country will expand their operations to include another kind of smuggling.

Fears of terrorists smuggling in devices that could be used to attack America have been voiced by congressman on both sides of the aisle, those that have seen what is happening on the border. To their dismay, Washington is turning a blind eye, seemingly oblivious to the wall of violence moving North.

And for those that think the violence isn’t moving North, take this into consideration: Mexico is now the kidnap capital of the world (perhaps sharing that title with Iraq), and Phoenix has now become the kidnap capital of the United States. Phoenix is a well known hub for coyotes and drug smugglers alike, using that city as a distribution point for their wares. It is also well known that MS13 has set up operations all over the United States, and their own brand of mayhem is spreading.

What does out government plan to do about it? Harry Reid has already introduced legislation that would blow the borders wide open. Barack Obama wants to bring MS13 out of the shadows. He’s also kicking in millions of dollars to help with state-of-the-art equipment for Mexico to use in the war. The cartels appreciate it. In other words, they aren’t doing a damn thing to protect this country.

Border state Congressman are begging for help, governors are begging for military help, but Washington remains silent. They’re working over on the economy. Apparently they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

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