Obama Signs Pork Bill

Barack Obama, amid feigned indignation, signed the omni-pork spending bill today, behind closed doors, out of the sight of angry Americans.

The man who promised earmark reform used the excuse that he was helpless and had no choice but to sign the business as usual bill. That’s right, he says that George Bush created that monster and there was just no time to dig out all those earmarks. After he came back from vacation, he signed the bill.

There wasn’t a whole lot of protest from the Republican side, maybe because 40% of the pork was destined for them. That’ll shut ’em up. Obama also issued what is known as a signing statement, basically declaring that he’ll ignore anything in the bill he doesn’t like. An old Bush ploy, and apparently BHO liked the way George did it.

So this guy has given away more money in 6 weeks than you can wrap you mind around, and all he has to say it we’ll get ’em next time. Bull shit we can believe in.

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