Treasury Official Wants You To Leave Banks Alone

Horrible loan decisions, and even more horrible investment decisions led banks and other lending and investment institutions to flush themselves down the toilet and are trying to take America with it.

If any institution should be watched like a hawk, it’s the banking industry, but there are those that have the balls to suggest something different. Neel Kashkari, interim assistant secretary for financial stability at Treasury, one of the few people that the treasury actually has on their payroll, had the balls to suggest that congress shouldn’t be micromanaging banks, suggesting that banks might be forced to make risky loans. Yes, he had the gall to go to congress and actually say that, with a straight face no less. Isn’t that the domino that caused this mess in the first place? This jack ass wants America to fork over trillions, and then just stand back and shut up. Now is appears that some of that baliout money is going to making foreign investments. Yes, right out of your pocket and over the seas.

That’s right folks, this is the kind of brain trust that is going to pull us out of this mess. The inept, crooked buffoons that ran world class companies into the ground should be left to figure this thing out themselves. Just keep the money coming and they’ll find a way. Well, we’ve seen their way; now it’s time for another way, and chopping these useless behemoths down to size would be a good start. Do you want to put your financial future in the Hands of Citigroup or Bank of America? Me either.

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One Response to Treasury Official Wants You To Leave Banks Alone

  1. Tom Awtry says:

    Our country, by the looks of it, could become financially insolvent and basically go belly-up if our government’s plans fail to produce some economic gains and perhaps more importantly stay out of any foreign conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan:

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