Banks Pound The Unemployed

Yes, those TARP fattened good for nothing corrupt banks that refuse to say what they’re doing with your money are making a little extra on the side. It seems as though there’s a market in exploiting the unemployed.

In many states, deals were cut with certain banks for the unemployed to receive debit cards instead of the usual checks, the benefit being that money was available immediately, as opposed to waiting for a check. Great idea, right? Not so fast. As banks have a penchant to do, there are fees involved with using the card. Generally, users are allowed one free withdrawal per pay period. After that fees per withdrawal can go up to $3 per transaction. Using out of network ATM’s can mean added fees.

Of all the low down, scummy things to do. Hitting Americans who are hurting the most. Another reason why the bailout was such a shitty idea. Banks are given free reign to do whatever they want. And isn’t that what caused the mess in the first place? Of course, no banks are talking, so you’ll have to your own investigative work to find out which ones are sticking it to out of work Americans. You can probably start with the usual suspects.

Do you know what “to big to fail” means in English? It means that the banks are better than you, that they’re more valuable. Do you think that’s true? Do you think these cretins are irreplaceable?

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