California Budget Help A Bong Load Away?

The cash-strapped state already taxes medical marijuana, and with the lax enforcement signals coming from the Obama administration, this could either be a boon for California, or another source of revenue politicians can flush down the proverbial toilet. Your guess is as good as mine, but I bet it’s a pretty accurate guess.

Democratic state assemblyman Tom Ammiano has introduced a bill that would essentially legalize pot along the same lines as alcohol, and in doing so create a guaranteed revenue stream for a state that just doesn’t have the collective I.Q. in Sacramento to balance a budget. It might be a relief valve of some sorts though. Obviously, the more revenue the better, and maybe, just maybe, the buffoons that by some act of God were elected to public office may actually get real about spending and do something responsible with the increased revenue.

The chances of that are bleak though. With 40% of the budget tied up in ballot approved mandated spending, coupled with pocket lining unions all over the state, any extra revenue may just be a Christmas present, and a green light to continue business as usual. I could be wrong, but since most voters don’t give a shit what politicians are doing generally, my guess is that this would be more money down the drain. Giving a Sacramento politician money is like giving a loaded gun to a child. Why would you do that? Unfortunately, the those politicians already have that gun with the power to levy taxes.

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