Congressman Introduces Birth Certificate Legislation

You would think that something like this would already be a rule. Apparently is it not. When a candidate runs for President of the United States, he or she should provide proof of citizenship. It looks like this is not a requirement, but new legislation could change that.

A bill introduced by Rep. Bill Posey, R-Florida would require all future candidates to produce a birth certificate if they want to run for the highest office of the land. Democrats are furious, and are whining that this is an attack on Barack Obama, the man who not only hasn’t produced a birth certificate, but has fought with a curious rage in court to keep his records sealed.

Some people don’t want to know the truth. Some are so enamored by the hype that the truth would be more than they could handle. This legislation wouldn’t affect Obama though. This is for any future impostors. There are other avenues of action being taken against Obama, and if the shenanigans at the Supreme Court can be rectified, there may be some historic action. Stay tuned on that.

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6 Responses to Congressman Introduces Birth Certificate Legislation

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  2. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    It is strange that you don’t have to show proof of where you were born to run for president, doesn’t it? After all there are only tow requirements to be president age and being born in the country. The birth certificate would provide proof of both.
    You would think that when running for the highest office in the country that you would have to provide papers that show you meet the qualifications.

  3. rjjrdq says:

    I was shocked. Apparently you don’t need to show any proof at all.

  4. Truthsayer says:

    Okay, after hearing how only the media in other countries are willing to take on the story of Obama’s lack of NBC status, I’ve come to a conclusion. We might be wasting our time complaining to Americans. Perhaps we should be throwing our time, effort, and money into complaining to foreigners.

    All these lawyers and all that money. So many letters, emails, and phone calls. All have been aimed at getting a judge or elected official to do their job or to wake up the population to the dire need for action. It’s all pretty much been a failure.

    However, this country HAD allies. Most of them are now either nervous, depressed, or outright ticked off.

    So, we appeal to our former allies. We The People can mail, email, fax, post, and call the media and officials of other nations like England and Israel. We tell them that America is basically being held hostage. Millions of Americans are well aware that Obama is not a legal president, but our courts are so corrupt, nothing is being set right. Remind them that all the stuff Obama is doing will be ruled invalid once this all comes to light, so it’s better to get it over sooner.

    Appeal to our former allies to ask the tough question: Why should they deal with a country when its new leader might not be legitimate? Should they agree to any summit or treaty when it might be attended by an usurper working against America’s will and the world’s best interests?

    If we can convince them of the truth–that this is not just a few nuts on the internet–they might start rumbling. England’s already disgusted with this usurper. Israel realizes it has lost its number one partner. Australia has already started down the liberal path and knows where we are headed. When some of the most powerful nations on Earth start to ask questions, America will HAVE to deal with it.

    Help contact folks like Dr. Orly, WND, Berg, Rush, Hannity and whoever might listen. Tell them the plan to bring in a bigger audience.

    America has asked for and accepted help from other countries in the past. Without that aid, the Constitution might never have been written. It only seems natural that we ask for aid again, as we have another tyrannical foreign dictator to get off our backs.

  5. EDITH says:

    I am democrat and like very much the idea of showing birth certificated, to validate basic information, but should also be required for all that running for congress. I am looking to see the professional backgraound for a person that is running for congress, and all I see is media news or what she said, but not proof of professional backgraound specially at 10 or 12 years of age? and what about the real age? I am just curious.

  6. jknoles says:

    I think this legislation should be enacted befrore the 2012 elections. If he is not born in the US, everything he has enacted is illegal and possibly criminal! Supposedly an individual born in the US would not try to bring it down. Take a look at the destruction and mayhem caused by Obama (Hussein).

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