Maxine Waters Bailed Out By U.S. Taxpayers

Voters, are you getting this? Did you hear this one? Maxine Waters, the one who let slip out that socialism was the ultimate plan, just raked you for $12 million dollars to bailout a bank where her husband sat on the board and currently has hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock invested in the failed bank.

Maybe you should be happy they only got the $12 million. She was going for $50 million! Oh, it gets better. She actually attempted to defend her actions, using the the inexplicable excuse of handing out loans to people that couldn’t possibly afford it as justification for needing the bailout. Maybe the bank shouldn’t have handed out those crap loan, huh Maxine?

But this whole mess wouldn’t be complete without her playing the race card. And play it she did. She claims to support minority banks. However, this particular bank benefited her and her crooked husband, while at the same time preying on unsuspecting home buyers. I don’t excuse the home buyers though. Who would sign a 1/2 million dollar contract and not consult a lawyer? Apparently the clients of OneUnited Bank.

Socialist Maxine couldn’t do it alone though. She had the help of none other than Barney Frank, the scum bag that sat back as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac burned. Again, voters…are you getting this?

A flat out ripoff of historic proportions, and Frank still sits in congress. Waters still sits in congress. We’re borrowing every dime we have from countries like China, who have just about had it with us, and these criminals are continuing business as usual. This is not a hidden story; this is mainstream news. Where are you Obama? Where are you now Mr. Transparency? You should be tearing this piece of slime a new one, but instead you tout how things are just peachy now. Voters…

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2 Responses to Maxine Waters Bailed Out By U.S. Taxpayers

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