Obama To Bill Veterans For War Injuries

You heard it right. This clown is living up to his Obamanation moniker. Our troops are literally putting life and limb on the line in defense of this country. You would expect that government would have their back to some degree. Welcome to Obama’s nightmare.

It’s true, Obama doesn’t give a shit about our troops, and to prove his point, he proposed something unimaginable: If any of our brave men and women are injured fighting for this country, Barack Obama is going to hit them with the bill! That’s right, he wants the veteran’s insurance company to reimburse the government. Never mind that it was the government that sent the soldier into harms way in the first place. Obama doesn’t care. Pay up buddy. Deductibles, fees, increased rates, uncovered procedures-all of those costs will be born by the veteran, who’s only crime was giving a damn about this country.

Barry says it’ll save a half billion or so. With the money this idiot just flushed down the toilet, he’s worried about that kind of pittance? Hell, he could take that much out of what he’s handing over to the terrorist group Hamas! He signed a pork filled “stimulus” bill, as well as the omni-pork bill. How much money was wasted there? But when it comes to spending on something necessary and worthwhile (required, I thought), he somehow doesn’t have the money.

Where’s congress? Where are those Republicans that want to salvage what’s left of that castrated party?

The people are already starting to turn. When are the impeachers going to get off their corrupt asses and actually do something worthwhile for once in their life? Let them know you’re not happy. No need to be polite at this point.

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4 Responses to Obama To Bill Veterans For War Injuries

  1. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    This is by far the most discusting thing that this man has done so far. I don’t know what else to say.

  2. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    It sounds like he has given up on this plan, but that doesn’t excuse him from his intent to screw the veterans. If it wasn’t for the people complaining about this he would never have had a problem screwing over the veterans.

  3. Stephen Wingett says:

    Sounds like an ok plan to me. All the President is proposing is that IF the vetrens have an health insurance plan, and many do, that plan should reimburse the government. Get your facts straight!

  4. Ron Highburger says:

    This idiot cant be for real…what sane American would even think of a
    idiot idea like this…maybe because he is not an American…its time we
    real Americans stand up and be counted…stop the obamacare health
    plan…its a front for the Socialism of American…I just want to thank all
    of the Americans that voted for hope and change (dumb asses)

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