ACORN To Help Rig Census

Well, we knew there was reason Barack Obama ripped the census duties away from Judd Gregg, causing him to flush his job as commerce secretary down the socialist toilet. How many people suspected that Barry was going to pull something crooked in order to have that census looking the way he wanted? Well, here it is.

Obama has tapped his good buddies at ACORN to help with the census. Yes, you heard that right. The radical minions of Obama have agreed to swallow for him again, this time coming up with census numbers that will determine what kind of funding for state and federal programs will be proprosed. Yeah, ACORN is going to reroute our money the only way they know how.

Already being investigated for voter fraud in at least 15 states, ACORN, the group Obama paid $800,000 to-well what did he pay them for anyway? That’s right, to campaign for him. And did they ever. The legends of modern voter fraud now will go door to door-in your face and get those census numbers. Don’t worry crackers, I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson and are on the up and up now.

The story is just breaking, but where are the Repubs on this? There have been a few squeaks of protest, but otherwise they’re demonstrating why they are no longer in power. Apparently Americans feel eunuchs are not fit to run the country.

It looks like it’s up to the people to put a stop to the policies and actions of this brainwashed stooge, who is pushing the failed dysentery that is socialism with a fire that could turn the stomach of any free citizen.

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