Obama’s AIG Bonus Outrage Is Phony

But the outrage of the American people is very real. This nation was against bailing out these crooks, and for good reason. They didn’t deserve a bailout, and if there was going to be a bailout at all, the money would have been better spent somewhere else.

The Obama administration and congress knew about these bonuses for a while, but not until the ugly truth oozed out did anybody say anything, with very few exceptions. That includes Republicans as well. There was just a frenetic push to empty American coffers at all costs, and what was actually done with the money was either not taken under consideration, or just covered up. You decide what happened.

Of course, Obama and Geithner are claiming that they didn’t know about this until last week, but an SEC filing by AIG in November detailed how they were going to blow hundreds of millions of dollars on on horrible employees that have no business even running a taco stand. They knew all along, and still they funneled more of our money to this failed company.

With all the outrage, AIG is still angling to get those bonuses out to their minions. They’re claiming they’ll be sued, they’re contractually obligated, they’ll lose their best and brightest if they don’t put pay out (that one always gives me a good laugh). Here’s an idea. Let them fail. Yes, let them file bankruptcy, have them restructure, and have those bonuses eliminated. Why not? It’s true they really don’t have the money for it. Not one dime of the operating capital they have now is theirs. They really are broke.

This is just AIG. How many more…

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2 Responses to Obama’s AIG Bonus Outrage Is Phony

  1. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    Even if Obama and Geithner didn’t know about it until two weeks ago they could have done something about it before the bonuses were paid. These men are frauds and are in over their heads.
    Chris Dodd, who wrote the amendment which allowed AIG to pay the bonuses, and Obama both received over $100,000 in campaign donations.
    They both knew about the bonuses and didn’t care until they heard the people’s outrage.

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