Obama Awash In AIG Contributions

Yes, Mr. Indignant, Mr. appalled, Barack Obama, the man who sat silently for months knowing that AIG was getting ready to hand out millions of dollars in bonuses, has been caught, literally with his hand in the cookie jar.

As it turns out, Obama was the second biggest recipient of AIG campaign contributions, trailing only Chris Dodd, the man who wrote the amendment for the pork bill that allowed AIG to hand out those dubious bonuses. So what did these crooks get for the money? Well, they got the amendment from Dodd, and another $23 billion from Obama. Not bad for a couple-hundred-thousand dollars of our money.

That’s right, clearly AIG didn’t have any money, so how were they going to cover the contributions? Obama solved that little dilemma for them. How does it feel to find out you contributed to Obama’s campaign? If you’re a taxpayer, and you were currently a taxpayer when the bailout occurred, you essentially donated (against your will I assume). Are you angry over where your money is going? Are you angry that it was done behind your back? Sure, you could have found the evidence in various documents like the pork bill-you just have to dedicate your life to reading every scrap of paper coming out of Washington.

That’s what our elected officials are hired to do. They obviously aren’t doing the job they were hired to do. I’ll say it for the 100th time: Throw the bums out…

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