Pelosi Suckles Illegals, Bashes Ice Agents

Did you ever see the movie Rainman? Dustin Hoffman played a guy who could do complex mathematical computations, figure things out that the average individual would struggle with (to say the least), but when it came to ordinary things, he couldn’t comprehend. Like the scene where he was crossing the street and the light started to flash don’t walk. He stopped in the middle of the street. He couldn’t comprehend.

It’s just a theory, but it sure looks like we have this problem in Washington. Nancy Pelosi gave a speech to a pack of illegals in which she lauded them as patriots, and at the same time, bashing hard working ICE agents who’s job it is to make sure this remains a sovereign nation. That’s their job, to round up people who have broken into this country illegally. Yes, everyone from the day laborer to MS13. ICE has to go after them all.

What does Pelosi think of these real patriots? She called them un-American! Conducting raids is somehow un-American to Pelosi. Never mind that drug gangs are taking over cities all over the United States, Never mind that states are going broke handing out freebies to illegals. Never mind that while millions of Americans are out of work, millions of illegals are currently employed in the U.S., many using the social security numbers of the unemployed American to gain that employment.

That has no impact whatsoever to Pelosi. She’s on an amnesty push, and my fellow Americans, they have the votes to pull it off. Sure the massive backlog of immigration applications are untenable even now, but if your goal is to erase the border, who cares about processing?

So you have Reid and Pelosi pushing amnesty in the midst of an out of control border war in Mexico (did you think this was about Indonesian amnesty?), communist led illegal alien protests, overburdened state coffers, mass ghettoization in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and others, drug gangs set up in hundreds of U.S. cities, assimilation being considered racist-and did I mention we’re flat broke?

Rainman. These people have the tenacity and the guile to weave their way into positions of power, but once they get there, it’s discovered that they don’t have the capacity to run a hot dog stand, much less the United States of America.

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7 Responses to Pelosi Suckles Illegals, Bashes Ice Agents

  1. rollsettravel says:

    In Colorado, the state senate is trying to pass a bill that will grant in-state tuition to immgrants and the children of immigrants regardless of their immigration status. I think we’ve lost are way!

  2. rjjrdq says:

    California already beat you to it. Of course they already call this “Mexico del Norte” already.

  3. tru american patriot says:

    Large business CEO’s, corrupt wall street bankers,mortgage brokers, greedy lawyers suing doctors and fat,lazy, american citizens using welfare e.t.c have ruined this country.
    Socially deprived hermits like you are falling victim to the right wing media propaganda. Undocumented workers are just an excuse to keep morons like you distracted. Part of the reason why Reagan revived the economy years ago was the fact that he granted amnesty to millions of hard working illegal immigrants.

  4. tru american patriot says:

    Many anti-immigrant americans complain of undocumented immigrant
    workers accepting low wages thus resulting in unfair competition
    in the job market. They are even blamed them for the downward
    trend of pay rates to very low levels. Solution? Regularize
    these workers so they can join the unions. Surely, they’d rather
    have $18/hr instead of $8/hr. Another complaint is they are
    draining the welfare coffers of the federal government by
    becoming a social burden. Solution? Legalize them so they can
    pay ss/medicare and income taxes. If 10 million undocumented
    workers pay payroll and income taxes and property taxes, that
    would be billions of dollar going into government coffers.
    Terrorists, druggists, smugglers, criminals, be they citizens or
    immigrants have there place in jail. But hardworking people
    seeking the american dream should be treated with respect and
    dignity. America is a nation of immigrants. Even native
    americans have accepted the presence of immigrants in this land.
    But many have forgotten that our ancestors came from other lands
    in search of the american dream.

  5. tru american patriot says:

    According to a Zogby poll released last week.The Zogby poll was commissioned by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that seeks to reform immigration policies. 87 percent of Legal American citizens said they “favor legalization or amnesty for illegal immigrants”

  6. rjjrdq says:

    Your funny nancy.

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