Half-Wit Response to AIG Bonus Outrage

All right, so AIG is getting ready to hand out bonuses to some of the most undeserving goons trolling Wall Street today. Sure, Barack Obama and congress had full knowledge of what AIG was going to do, and sat back with their campaign contributions and said nothing. Well, the people stood up and raised some hell. Washington heard us (yes, we still have power). But what do think their response was?

Amid phony outrage fanfare, the house passed a bill that would tax these bonus takers at 90%. Fuck ’em, right, that’s our money is it not? There’s one little very big problem. Congress passed a bill that targets a specific group of people, for a specific reason. Hear what I’m saying here. If these clowns get this thing passed, we’ll be on the slippery slope of us all being in the 90% tax bracket. What would be there to stop them? What would stop them from taxing say, bloggers? Or white male constructions workers? Or anyone who makes over minimum wage? If they can do it to these guys, they can do it to you.

Here is another case of corruption and buffoonery that has led to even more of the same. Chris Dodd wrote the loophole into the porkulus bill in the first place, but he’s blaming the treasury department, who is absolutely incoherent, and Barack Obama didn’t know a thing. He was number 2 on the AIG campaign contribution list, but he never saw this coming. Sure. Nobody else actually read the damn bill, so how could they have objected?

The corruption continues though. The Dems are promising to get tough here, but Brad Sherman (D), outlined how this tax bill has loopholes you could drive a truck through. Washington is hoping you won’t notice. I disagree with most things Sherman stands for, but he wasn’t happy about this bailout mess from the start, and at least he’s voicing a murmur of protest, which is more than I can say for most of Washington.

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One Response to Half-Wit Response to AIG Bonus Outrage

  1. phil says:

    Wow! Very cool. They better NOT start taxing bloggers! I was carousing for online pics of Hank Greenburg and/or AIG and found your blog, which I’ve bookmarked. I find your candid writing style most refreshing!

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