Congress, White House Colluded To Allow Bonuses

I said before that the outrage in Washington over AIG bonuses was phony, and now we’re getting a picture of just how phony the outrage is. All the anger, all the feigned indignation, all the responsiveness to the howls of the people could have been prevented, stopped in its tracks. That’s right, these bonuses never had to happen.

Have you heard the term, taxation without representation? How’s this for not being represented: Representatives from the house, senate, and the White House colluded in a backroom deal, stripping language out of the pork bill that would have cut the AIG, and other bonuses off at the pass. Instead, these crooks inserted the Dodd amendment, that guaranteed the bonuses would happen. Dodd, knows this is a potential career ender, so he initially tried to lie his way out of it, but when that became impossible, he copped to writing the amendment. It had to be beaten out of him though.

White House minions were there, and that gives us three possible scenarios relating to Obama: either Barack Obama knew about these bonuses and is walking around lying through his teeth, or he’s just a teleprompter god, with no measurable faculties beyond reading a script. The third scenario is that the other two scenarios are true. That gets my vote.

The federal government (and many state governments) has become a cancer. These are slimy, corrupt, lying pieces of garbage in office that have no problem stomping on you to get what they want. If you voted for any of these maniacs, feel the shame, and then make amends next year when many of these goons are up for re-election. Don’t screw it up again

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