Was “Giggles” Obama Stoned?

For those of you in the know, judge for yourself.

Tell me this dude didn’t snap off a few bong loads before that interview. This is the President of the United States (for now). He can’t last. There’s just no way this guy gets through 4 years, even with an army of media covering for him. This is just the latest in a parade of missteps. On the other hand, it would explain everything

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4 Responses to Was “Giggles” Obama Stoned?

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    This American does not think Obama ever quit smoking the weed! He said he had quit smoking cigs and that was a lie so why should we think any differents about him smoking weed?

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  3. rjjrdq says:

    He tries to hide a lot of things, doesn’t he?

  4. datGurl! says:

    and Bush didnt? come on yall.
    get a life.

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