Democrat Mutiny In The Senate?

Barack Obama’s agenda is so radical, so out of line with the average American that now some Senate Democrats have waged what amounts to a mutiny of sorts.

The gang of 15 senators, led by Evan Bayh, (D), Indiana see Obama’s agenda as too much, too fast-and maybe a little too radical. The fact is, that the U.S. is essentially broke, but Obama continues to push for unprecedented spending, much of it on items that are not in line with the American people. His approval numbers reflect that, and Bayh and the boys are offering a hedge if you will to the onslaught.

It looks like some kind of power grab in the Senate, and if that’s what it turns out to be, it may be a smart move. With 15 senators aligned, that means that nothing gets passed without satisfying them first. Obviously, the Republicans are not on board with Obama’s nightmare, and throw 15 senators on top of that and it will make it much harder to push a radical agenda through. Think about it, if this group could get some house Dems on board, Obama could essentially become a lame duck within his first several months in office.

It looks like there are at least some in Washington that are waking up and realizing that the Obama agenda is taking the country in the wrong direction. Even if you don’t agree with Bayh’s overall Democratic philosophy, the fact is that he is a moderate Democrat, absolutely not in the mold of an Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid. Remember when Bayh was on the short list of potential VP picks for Obama? Any wonder he didn’t get picked? Like Judd Gregg, he wasn’t going to lay back and go along with Obama’s crazy agenda.

With a little luck, Bayh and the other Senators can play goalie long enough for the Obama myth to be exposed.

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