Clinton Blames Mexican Drug War On U.S.

Fresh from her chin wiping trip to China, Hillary Clinton traipsed on down to Mexico to bow at the altar of Felipe Caulderon. The out of control drug war that rages in one of the most corrupt countries in the hemisphere would ostensibly be putting tremendous pressure on Caulderon not to allow this thing to spread and take North America into the gutter.

Well, Clinton took a whole lot of pressure off Caulderon, saying that the drug war is the fault of the U.S., with its insatiable appetite for drugs, and the volumes of American weaponry headed down South. There was no mention of so many Mexican politicians that are in the pocket of the drug cartels, and who, by their inaction and tacit approval, allowed these cartels to grow into the monsters they are today.

Mexico is upset that the U.S. isn’t sending that war aid fast enough. It isn’t coming because the U.S. wants to make sure that the cartels dont’ get a hold of it. Now how would that happen? See the previous paragraph. So Hillary’s solutioin is to blame somebody else and send millions of dollars worth of high tech equipment down to Mexico that the cartels can’t wait to get their hands on. No mention of a fence, no mention of the National Guard on the border, no mention of putting the ridiculous “path to citizenship” scheme on hold. No, this administration is going to throw money down a sinkhole, all the while leaving those borders wide open. And that in a nutshell is why the drug war will not be won.

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