California Looks To Ban Dark Cars

If you aren’t familiar with California politics, consider yourself lucky. The latest goofballery coming from Sacramento involves what color car you drive. What’s the difference you say?

Well, according to the global warming goons, darker cars take in more heat on those sunny California days, and therefore make the air conditioner work a little harder to cool the cars’ occupants. Apparently those darker cars hold too much heat, and the nanny state is here to solve that problem. If this turkey passes, Californians (the ones that are left), will be left with a fruity selection of light colored cars, which won’t make one iota of difference in the global warming scam.

Well, what do you expect? This is a state that denies legal citizens while giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens, wants to ban light bulbs, tax your grocery bags, and all kinds of other waste of time legislation. Cities are getting into the goofy act as well, with some banning smoking-in your own house. And that’s just the benign stuff. The tax increases have reached legendary proportions, and they aren’t done with that yet.

Is it any wonder people are leaving the state in droves?

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