Jack Boot Youth Brigade Bill Passes House

They already have your money, now they’re coming for the kids. The house passed HR 1388, which would require any kid getting a loan (among others), to perform some kind of community service in return. The language is a little murky as to exactly what kind of service that might be.

There are some items that are very clear though. No religion in this outfit. It is banned and specifically banned in the legislation. Well, you could make an argument with all problems religion has caused over the course of history, but what will they replace it with? They’ll let you know.

One section of the bill is pretty clear on how abstract they are. They will come for your children though: [W]hether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed…. If they already have an idea of what they will do with your kids, they aren’t saying.

This bill doesn’t specifically say the “service” will mandatory right now, except under the aforementioned conditions, but remember, Barack Obama did say the service would be compulsory. That language has mysteriously disappeared from his website.

There are only two reasons why the Republicans in the house went along with this Hitlerian legislation: They either have no spine (a real possibility), or with the way Obama’s poll numbers are going, they feel they will be back in power soon, and they will have the power to dictate what this youth brigade is indoctrinated with. Either party dragging your kid out of the house is a disturbing prospect, and neither has a patent on goose-stepping…

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