Supporters Protest In Support Of Thug Cop Killer

If you needed another indication of what an upside down world we’re living in, you need to look no further than Oakland, California. In a horrific shooting spree that left four Oakland police officers dead, the reaction by some is, to say the least, infuriating.

A freak radical group calling themselves The Uhuru Movement staged a protest near the scene of the crime to decry the actions of-the officers! That’s right, the goons characterized the police as a violent containment force, and poor whatever the hell that thug’s name was, Mixon, I think, was just a victim of circumstances. Yes, it wasn’t the thug’s fault that four cops were gunned down, it was the man. The guy was being heralded as everything from a victim to a hero. Yes, the parolee that was likely on his way back to prison for a violation. Not only that, DNA tests revealed that this piece of garbage raped a 12 year-old girl. That’s your hero right there. He was on his way back to prison, and apparently the thought of getting married all over again (prison style) was not an option.

Folks, those four cops laid there life on the line that day, just as they did every other day. When this thug went off, they put themselves, their own bodies between us and this maniac. And if they were still here (which they’re not), they would do it again. Those are your heroes right there. These guys would-and did lay it on the line for complete strangers, for the benefit of all. To protest against these men just shows a twisted mind full of hatred. Another case of blame everyone but yourself.

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5 Responses to Supporters Protest In Support Of Thug Cop Killer

  1. Oakland PD is known for its use of force, especially with persons unarmed. Check out the killing of Oscar Grant at the BART station…and there are others. I in no way condone violence of any type-and I dont think Lovell Mixon was or is a hero…he is obviously a product of his surroundings and prison….

  2. factchecker says:

    Excuse me, prison movement, OPD did not kill Oscar Grant. OPD is actually well trained in restraint. That was BART PD, security guards who should not be issued guns. There are many products of the same surroundings who do not kill, rob and rape. Mixon was a turd.

  3. I did not say OPD killed Oscar Grant, Factchecker…I said OPD is known for use of force…The reason why so many people may have appeared gleeful at the killing by Lovelle Mixon of four Oakland cops is that the police have for so long looked at various communities as less than human.

    Folks still can’t separate the thoughts of unarmed Daniel Rocha, Kevin Brown, Jesse Lee Owens and Sophie King being gunned down by police. The community was outraged when these killings happened.

    Sadly for many, we don’t see officers standing up on the side of the citizens who feel they were unjustifiably brutalized. We don’t see those good cops, those hard working cops coming out and denouncing rogue and criminal behavior.

    Many in the West Oakland community have expressed concern that the police would be retaliating. They said the block would be hot and everybody would be subjected to a police force bent on seeking revenge.

    Police brutality still continues. The day of the shooting in Oakland we saw 15 Arab students across the Bay in San Francisco get beat down by police at an anti-war March as they tried to prevent police from arresting an 8-year-old child.

  4. accountable says:

    To say of Lovelle Mixon that “he is obviously a product of his surroundings and prison” is absolute hogwash. Lovelle Mixon is a product of Lovelle Mixon: making selfish, immoral choices that put him in prison. And now he’s guilty of four ruthless selfish murders of the heroes that toe the line against chaos in our society . . . simply because Lovelle didn’t want to go back to prison . . . HIS fault … but 4
    brave honorable men die because of his selfishness. Prison is a product of people like Lovelle Mixon.

  5. Kevin Thompson says:

    Thank god they killed him and prevented another child from being scarred for life. The fools supporting him are not products of their enviroment…only future drains on society.

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