Anti-War Protests Fizzle Under Obama

We’re still in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan is being ramped up as we speak. The missile launch by North Korea is being viewed as provacative, yet the annual anti-war protests that used to draw large crowds to protest the policies of George Bush are shrinking away.

Gone are the burning effigies of the president (which would probably be considered racist now), the thousands of protesters that amounted to moderate population centers, and even more conspicuously, the many groups that used to organize these protests.

Sure, you still have the communist/socialist umbrella group ANSWER out there, but they’re a compendium socialist issues, as evidenced by the recent anti-war protest in San Francisco. There were so many special interest groups at that rally that it was only anti-war in name.

Former protesters are torn by their opposition to the war, and their affinity of Barack Obama. Maybe it’s the mixed signals coming from the administration. One minute he’s raising the white flag to Iran, and the next he’s sending more troops to the Afghan theater.

I was against the war once no WMD’s were found (yes, I feel duped), but I never took it to the streets, I never burned anything, and I never got violent. To fight them over there while leaving the borders open over here amounted to blocking rain with a screen door. I didn’t get thespian over it though. For me, that’s just playing to the choir. A much more effective way is to sit right where I am now. I can reach people that may have a different point of view, and maybe the issue(s) can actually be discussed. A bombastic rally doesn’t provide that forum.

So what could it be? The hated Bush is gone, so the fire is dying? Less organization now? Buyer’s remorse? All of the above?

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