Unbelievable: Obama Taps AIG Exec As Advisor

Yes, you heard it right. The man that feigned outrage over AIG bonuses has taken one of the AIG goons and put him on the Task Force on Tax Reform. That’s the group that will sit around thinking of new ways to pick your pocket. Hmmm, maybe he was a good pick after all.

Martin Feldstein, a professor of economics at Harvard University, will also double as an economic advisor to the Obama regime. Now take a good look at AIG. Would you want anybody from that failed company advising you economically? One of biggest companies in the world is driven into the ground, and Obama thinks that is the place to look for economic genius.

This guy is no Johnny-come-lately either. He’s been on the board of AIG since 1988. Yes, he was there when whole derivatives nightmare was in full swing. Apparently, he never said a word. Now he’s being elevated to the status of an intelligent human being, and will be giving advice for everything from taxes to bailouts. Well, he might be good on the tax side. After all, AIG is suing the U.S. to recover back taxes they feel they overpaid.

If you sued a company, would you expect them to hire you? Well then, you never worked for Barry Soetoro.

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One Response to Unbelievable: Obama Taps AIG Exec As Advisor

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    This will really make your weekend! Now we know there is a bunch of crooks in The White House!

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