Massive Computer Spy Network Exposed

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. The surprise is that very little is being done.

A Canadian research group has uncovered a computer spy ring with tentacles in at least 100 countries, spying and stealing information everywhere form embassies to government offices to-the Dalai Lama. Now why would anyone be spying on the Dalai Lama?

The researchers said that the source of the spying is coming almost exclusively from China. Now it’s starting to make sense. China says it ridiculous and they don’t engage in that kind of activity. Oh really?

A U.S. Congressional panel has already concluded that China is engaging in cyber spying, but apparently nothing is being done even now. They know, but are doing nothing.

Do you know how this spy ring was found out? The aforementioned Dalai Lama thought something funny was going on with his computers and asked the research group to check it out. Had he not done that on his own, this spy ring would still be operating anonymously. In fact, this thing is still going on, despite the fact that it has been exposed.

What do you think Barack Obama is going to do about it? Remember who he tapped to to baby sit the U.S. computer network? Well, he’s having a little legal trouble right now.

What the U.S. is not handing to China, they’re taking. And the U.S. is just laying back and taking it without a fight.

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