Youth Brigade Bill To Include ACORN Funding

That’s right, when the government comes and drags your children out of the house for a little mandatory service, guess who will be doing the nuts and bolts indoctrination?

The Senate laughed off an amendment by Sen. David Vitter, R-La. that would have excluded groups with government connections-such as ACORN from receiving any funds. That’s right, the frauds at ACORN are about to receive a truck load of money to use in indoctrinating your children. The money is bad enough, but these cretins will have your kid by the throat.

So no religion will be tolerated in this indoctrination program, but fraud and racism will not only be okay, it will be funded-by you.

If you care about your country-if you care about your kids, contact your Senator and urge them to kill this crazy legislation. They are afraid of you. If enough complaints come in, that bill will die.

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One Response to Youth Brigade Bill To Include ACORN Funding

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    We now have a elected ruler called “president”! We gave the people in Iraq freedom and in turn elected a dictator as our leader! Are we better off today than 3 years ago? Wait a minute, I can answer that…its a big NO! NO! NO!

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