Mexico Says “No” To Any Real Drug War Help

The controversially elected (man, that sounds familiar), Mexican president Felipe Caulderon has tossed the idea of joint raids with U.S. forces out the window. In a drug war that has caused his country to become one of biggest security threats to the United States, measures that would have a real impact are being ignored.

It’s not like Caulderon doesn’t want something from the U.S. Yes, he wants money, equipment, intelligence, and everything else that is likely to fall into the wrong hands in Mexico. We’re talking about a country that has disbanded entire police forces because they had all been bought off by drug cartels. Of the honest police and soldiers that remain, they face powerful cartels that frequently have them out-manned and out-gunned.

Caulderon, along with his weekend mistress Hillary Clinton, have blamed the U.S. for all of Mexico’s problems though, citing the voracious drug appetite and the volume of arms making their way South from the U.S.

All this talk about beefing up the border, all the talk about the progress being made (or not being made), all the murders, all the spillover into the U.S. is just rhetoric for your consumption. Do you notice something missing from this conversation? That’s right, the fence. Not one word about the single most effective tool in this battle. I’ll say it again: Mexico is unloading their population into the United States and is receiving remittances in return (not to mention ethno-centric political power in the U.S.), and the U.S. is getting cheap, exploitable labor, and maybe down the line…votes.

There’s no will to secure the border, and as long as the loons in Washington, and ethno-pols play the amnesty card, there will never be any will. That translates into two countries giving you the finger…

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