Criminally Absurd: ANOTHER Tax Cheat For Obama

How many does this make? I’ve lost count. In a move certain to set some kind of record in scumbaggery, Barack Obama has tapped yet another tax cheat for his administration.

Today’s crook is Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas. What’s even more galling than this cheat owing more than $7000 in back taxes is that she freely admits she didn’t even bother to get it right until Barry offered her the job of Health and Human Services Secretary, the same post that Tom Daschle had to abandon when his criminal tax lapses became public.

Tomorrow comes the first wave of new taxes. Sure it’s on smokers, so nobody cares. Nobody but the 1 in 4 that live below the poverty line that is. Yes, Barry is going to nail poor people with a sin tax, saying nothing of what the states are going to do.

If you screwed up your taxes once, what do you think would happen? Fines, jail maybe? Most people can’t afford to make a mistake on their taxes because the penalties are so severe that it could potentially wipe out a paycheck to paycheck American. The crooks Obama has picked just cheat until they’re caught, and then grudgingly pay their taxes in order to take the job offered.

The Obama administration is full of crooks. Does anybody else notice that? This should be an outrage, and there doesn’t seem to be much. I guess showing too much outrage in Washington may shed a little too much light on the tax returns of other people, namely your elected representatives. What else could it be?

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