Obama Disses Queen, Treats Saudi King As God

If you aren’t ashamed of having Barack Obama as your president yet, here’s a little something to put you over the edge.

Just weeks after Obama shot America in the foot by treating British Prime Minister Gordon Brown like a pizza delivery guy, he headed over to the G20 summit and topped himself.

Obama came to England bearing a gift for the queen: an IPOD with some of his speeches uploaded on it. The queen must have been thrilled. It’s hard to decide what was more cheesy: the pre-loaded IPOD, or the 25 DVD’s PM Brown can’t use. But the audacity didn’t stop there. Instead of the customary curtsy by first lady Michelle, she wrapped her arms around the queen like some kind of drinking buddy. The embarrassing display of disrespect is getting more press in Europe than in America. Of course.

Move to the G20 summit. Obama finds the king of Saudi Arabia, and bends down to kiss his ring. Standard protocol? A sign of respect? Not according to the king himself. No, the king says it’s degrading and violates Islam. ‘The faithful bow to no one but God.’ he said. Well, the faithful one did bow down.

Doesn’t Obama get briefings? That was a long trip, and certainly there is a substantial history of presidential protocol when dealing with heads of state and royalty. Apparently, Obama got no kind of briefing at all.

Still think Obama knows what he’s doing?

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One Response to Obama Disses Queen, Treats Saudi King As God

  1. UK Voter says:

    It is excrutiatingly painful to watch and must be doubly so for American’s. No wonder there is talk of a new world order, the President of America is ceding this position, not losing it. That is the problem with an inexperienced leader and administration. Our American cousins have my deepest sympathy. The Queen, well, she has been around long enough to know that people don’t always get it right.

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