Obama Expresses Love For Yet Another Racist

As if bathing in the flatulence that Jeremiah Wright spewed for so many years wasn’t enough, Obama has gone international with his affinity for scumbag racists.

The latest turd that Obama has hitched his wagon to is Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who lambasted whites for all the world’s problems. He should concentrate on that favela draped shithole he calls a country.

Nothing controversial to Obama though. In fact, at the G20 Obama was slobbering all over this guy, even saying, “This is my man right here. I love this guy.”

What do you love Barry? The philosophy, or the beef? There are lingering questions about both. It’s hip to hate whites now. Even Obamabot whites hate whites. And Bobby Reich said this will be a race-based administration. Janet Napolitano is making sure the borders stay open to appease the racists that think the gringo stole this land from them anyway. Forget Michelle. We’re all just mean anyway.

It’s twisted logic: You appear to have a lot. I have nothing. That must mean you have something of MINE.

For all these openly racist goons, here’s a question: What would the world look like without a cracker? Why don’t you ask Robert Mugabe, he’ll give you a great answer I’m sure…

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3 Responses to Obama Expresses Love For Yet Another Racist

  1. Me says:

    Check out Obama’s New Green Czar…”We have green jobs but they can’t just go to white people; I don’t care if that makes you mad..I’m gonna tell the truth”; “Jobs for Pookie”

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