Obama Seeks Anti-Nuke Treaty-Except For Iran

Please tell me this guy has existing brain cells, because I can’t see it. Barack Obama’s America surrenders tour continued in the Czech Republic, where he outlined a plan to eventually rid the world of nuclear weapons.

He thinks it will start with Russia. Yes, the same Russia who told him to take a flying leap when he proposed eliminating a missile shield defense system in Europe if Russia would help him deal with Iran. If he thinks he can outwit KGB, he has another thing coming.

Of course, this plan doesn’t include the entire world. It appears as though his administration will concede and allow Iran to process that uranium after all. If you recall, they told him to take a flying leap as well when he tried to surrender to them directly. Not to be deterred, the signal to Iran that they will not be stopped from developing nuclear weapons must please Israel to no end. How do you think that will play out? What choice does Israel have? Obama is funding HAMAS on one side, and capitulating to Iran on the other. Israel is on its own.

Obama is dealing with hardcore statists, and his brand of lollipop socialism just won’t go over with them. In fact, Obama is allowing himself-and America to be stepped on. His response is to bow down even further, and eventually we will all reach that happy fluffy land socialist world he, Bill, Jeremiah, Frank “Sex Rebel” Marshall and the rest dream of.

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