Obama To Force Sharia Law On U.S.?

You think that’s rhetoric? You think that’s a joke? Think again.

Check out Barry’s pick for top legal advisor to the State Department. It is none other than Harold Koh, until recently the dean of the Yale Law School. Well, what’s wrong with that? A man well versed in law, heading up a prestigious law school-what could be wrong with that?

Koh believes that the U.S. should re-interpret the Constitution to fall in line with the “legal norms” of other countries and has stated that in some instances, even Sharia law would be appropriate in some court cases. Yes, that’s Obama’s pick. Trash the Constitution and ram Sharia law down your throat Koh. Of course the Obama and Koh camp are in damage control at the moment, trying to say that Koh said no such thing. Actually they’re saying they never heard Koh say such things. Big difference. For all you Obamabots that think think this installed fraud stooge has your best interests at heart, take a little closer look. This clown is bent on destruction, and Sharia law will shut that liberal mouth but fast. Oh, yeah, the beatniks are the first on their list, possibly only second to women.

In all likelihood, it’ll be up to the few patriots among us (you’ll find some of them on the blogroll), to save us all. Don’t be a chump, get in the fight.

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5 Responses to Obama To Force Sharia Law On U.S.?

  1. evil Librul says:

    ROFL! You would have to be dumber than Palin to take this seriously!

  2. rjjrdq says:

    It’s up to you if you want to lay back and do nothing. Did you check out this guy Koh? Did you read Obama’s speech to the Turkish parliament? Piece it together man, he’s not going to do it for you.

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