Homeland Security Targets Innocent Americans

This looks like the Missouri fusion center report that came out recently. There was an uproar then, but DHS freak Janet Napolitano decided to create a man caused disaster and release this piece of garbage nationwide.

The report basically targets whites, and anything that smacks of patriotism. Care about the economy? You may be on a hair trigger. Concerns about illegal immigration? You may be considered a racist extremist. Gun owner? Watch out. Vote for Bob Barr? How radical can you get? You’re being watched.

If those things weren’t enough, try this on for size: military veterans returning from combat may be a threat according to this report. That’s right, those Navy SEALs that took out those Somali scumbags may be a threat!

Nothing in the report about Islamic terrorists. Nothing. Nothing about the communist black caucus that just went to Cuba and lapped up the virtues of communism. Nothing about the extreme Latino reconquista hate groups that are growing by the day. No MS13.

In fact, there is nothing in this report except what whitey may do to America. What do you expect, this report was written with a little help from our “friends” at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a hate group unto themselves.

Still think this is change you can believe in? Barack Obama makes George Bush look like a kindly uncle in comparison. When even Keith Olbermann balks, you know it’s bad. And it is bad. Wake up people…

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7 Responses to Homeland Security Targets Innocent Americans

  1. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    This whole paper released by Homeland Security is unbelievable. They are basically stereotyping right wingers into anti-government, gun-toting violent racists. And what pisses me off even more than that is that they think that our veterans are going to come home and form terrorist groups.

  2. evil Librul says:

    This is hardly scandalous – you would expect the DHS to construct reports like this on any kind of extremist, and surely they do exist on both ends of the political spectrum. Having said that, ignoring the increasing prevalence of wingnuts raving on about socialism, fascism, gun control, affirmative action etc would be insanity. If the government didn’t compile information on people like this they wouldn’t be doing their job.

    Also, why would a report about “rightwing extremism in the United States” include information on Islamic terrorists or pinko black interest groups?

  3. rjjrdq says:

    It’s the criteria they used. Read the report. Concerned about the economy? Military? Voting for candidates other than Obama? Concerned about the border? White? Clearly they’re looking for people who don’t go along with the Obama agenda. It’s ridiculous and Missouri law enforcement stated as such when it was vomited all over them. But you know this already. I think you’re just trying to get rise out of people. I don’t know if you even believe what you’re saying

    Hey, you got a personal response from a reader on another post. Just for you evil: https://rjjrdq.wordpress.com/2009/04/09/obama-blows-off-kidnapped-american-hillary-chuckles/

  4. rjjrdq says:

    Do they really believe these things, or are they just trying to manufacture a reason to crackdown on dissenters?

  5. evil Librul says:

    Ive read it thanks rj… like I said, it seems perfectly reasonable to be concerned about paranoid, gun – toting extremists (Poplowski anyone?).

    I’m much more concerned about this report – http://www.foxnews.com/projects/pdf/Leftwing_Extremist_Threat.pdf

    This report about leftist extremists states that anyone who cares about the environment or likes animals is a hacker or cyberterrorist. Do you have an email address? Pat a kitten this week? Theres a space reserved for you in a FEMA camp!

    Seriously, its an assessment. An internal report about extremists. The government probably has contingency plans for war with New Zealand, doesn’t mean we’ll be nuking them any time soon.

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