NATO Captures Pirates-Then Sets Them Free

In a textbook study on how to screw up a successful operation, Dutch commandos pursued and captured a gaggle of pirates, freeing 20 hostages and regaining possession of a hijacked ship. Great news right? Not completely.

As it turns out, NATO doesn’t have a detainment policy, and the Dutch commandos had to let the pirates go. According to law, they had no power to arrest these thugs. Of course, the SEALs didn’t have any authority to arrest either, but they made the best of it.

This is an example of the type of Euro-nonsense that Barack Obama wants to adopt. Sure, the hostages are free and the ship recovered, but a pack of pirates are free and will most likely take another ship in the near future. What kind of deterrent is that? If the pirates know there are no consequences for their actions, what’s to stop them from hijacking at will? At least they might think twice if the ship is flying an American flag.

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