How Bad Is It? Texas May Secede

Not even in the darkest days of the Bush administration did you hear this kind of talk. Barack Obama has only been the faux president for a few months and not only are states talking of asserting their rights under the 10th amendment, some are actually talking of seceding.

Gov. Rick Perry of Tejas has had it already with the Obama administration, and has hinted that if the lone star state has to leave the union, it will. Maybe it’s time to start looking for some real estate in that great state. But what of all the protections offered by being in the union? you might ask. If Barry continues on his present course, there may not be protections for long. In fact, you may be on a list. That list wouldn’t apply in Texas…

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3 Responses to How Bad Is It? Texas May Secede

  1. pacer521 says:

    Hey rjjrdq!

    I think you may remember me from culture decoded the blog, just ran into you again and wanted to point out that I have switched blogs to I think you would find my latest post on the tea parties very interesting —

    Now to the post — I really don’t know about how real the audio tape is — please give me a video of that on an unbiased source. But I really don’t think that texas will because a country of its own.


  2. evil Librul says:

    Bye Texas! Don’t let the door hitcha! Any chance you can take Glenn Beck?

  3. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    How much is airfare to Texas?

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