Jane Harmon Buddies With Israeli Spies, Bush Administration

Helping out spies of any country is bad enough, but in the era of Barack Obama, helping Israel is a political death sentence.

Rep. Jane “plain Jane” Harmon, no stranger to the destruction of the United States with her support of open borders, was caught red-handed offering to help get some Israeli spies off the hook in exchange for some lobbying muscle from AIPAC, basically a strong arm lobbying entity of Israel.

It looks like plain Jane was wiretapped by the NSA and offered her help in getting a couple of spies off the felonious hook in exchange for AIPAC’s help in getting her a higher position in Congress. She’s outraged by the revelation that she was wiretapped, despite the fact that she wholeheartedly supported the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping party.

Now why would this Dem support that? Because when this story broke a few years ago, before the wiretaps were made public, then attorney general Alberto “it’s not clear whether my parents are legal or not” Gonzales intervened with the investigation and got her off the hook. That intervention wasn’t free though, and Jane had to skin her knees for Bush and his band of wiretappers.

Well, she’s not dealing with Bush anymore, she’s dealing with Barack Obama, the one who gave millions to Israel’s arch enemy, HAMAS, and extended his hand to another of Israel’s enemies, Iran. He almost lost the hand on that one. Now she has to face this anti-semite head on, and there’s no George Bush to bail her out now.

Jane, spying bad, Obama bad, and you have yourself a problem. Good riddance, you sucked anyway. One down…

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