Freddie Mac Chief Found Dead

The man installed to clean up the corrupt and fraud ridden Freddie Mac was found dead in his home this morning.

David Kellerman, a 16 year veteran of the disgraced entity seemed to have it all going for him: a fat bonus on top of his fat salary, a beautiful home, a nice family, and a hand in history to boot. Freddie Mac is instrumental in the crash of the economy, and the fact that this guy was around even before Rahm Emanuel greased it up raises some questions.

Maybe the SEC was looking at him? They’re certainly looking at Freddie. Maybe he found out something so horrible he didn’t want to live to see it come to fruition. After all, Freddie was dealing in trillions. That’s a lot of dough to lose. Maybe he found out something and was going to go public. There’s slime oozing out of every file cabinet in that building, so finding something earth shattering is not beyond the realm of possibility. There are no doubt those that would do whatever they had to do in order to keep a whistle blower quiet.

We may never know. We probably will never know. Just seems a little odd. This is a breaking story. Let’s see if it goes away, or…

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