U.S. Citizens Officially Have No Representation

Democrats have a majority in the house and senate, and they don’t need Republicans-or you to ramrod their agenda through. But what of the Constitution, checks and balances, the 3 branches of government and all those safety mechanisms? Apparently, there’s a way around all that.

In an effort to push thorough Barack the imposter’s socialist healthcare legislation, the Dems are about to use a rule (that would enrage our founding fathers), called reconciliation that would require a simple majority of votes to pass legislation. They don’t actually need anything like that in the house, but in the senate, they still need 2 or 3 Republican votes to get something passed. Reconciliation is way around that.

It doesn’t matter whether you voted for Democrats or not. The fact that they can use this to push an illegitimate agenda means they don’t need you or anybody else to do it. Complain all you want. What are going to do? Vote for a lackluster Republican? Time is running out for the United States, and as the ranks of the people who either don’t give a damn, or have no allegiance to this country continues to grow, that time is growing very short.

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