New Threat From Mexico

A full blown, bloody drug war wasn’t enough to close down the borders, so it’s no surprise that the Obama administration has done nothing about this new threat.

A swine flu outbreak has killed scores in Mexico, and the World Health Organization has warned that it could become a pandemic. Cases have already been reported in several states, yet instead of doing the logical thing and restricting access to the U.S. from the South, the border continues to be erased.

Obama needs to turn off the teleprompter, put his Jeremiah Wright agenda aside for a while and take a look at reality. But then, waiting for Obama to get his act together is like waiting for Mexico to get its act together-ain’t gonna’ happen. It’s up to the people to throw the bums out. Are there enough of us left? Or have the self-hating guilty American, the ethno-centrist hordes, the clueless dolts and politically correct zombies tilted the country to the point of no return?

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