Obama Fights American Hostages In Court

I ask again: Do you still think this guy is not a Muslim? This latest outrage should trigger an impeachment.

Americans that were taken as hostages in Iran back during the Carter administration have filed multiple suits over the years against Iran. The Al-Obama administration has gone to court and argued that the latest suit should be thrown out, using the little known Algiers Accord as justification. Basically this is an executive order that peanut boy signed, barring the U.S. from bringing legal action against Iran for things like hostage taking, torture (did somebody say torture?), and the like. It specifies that U.S. must go into American courtrooms and toss out any suits relating to Iranian machinations.

And that’s just what Obama is doing. The plaintiffs argue that the Algiers Accord doesn’t apply to private lawsuits, citing legislation passed during the Bush administration, but Obama sees it differently. Of course, remember who he wants in the State Department. International norms. How Iran could be considered normal is beyond me, but I suppose if you’re praying 5 times a day they start to seem relatively normal.

Going to court, turning on American citizens and supporting Iran. Are you okay with Iran dictating what lawsuits go forth in American courts? Obama is. I ask again: Do you still think this guy is not a Muslim?

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