Waterboarding Worked, But White House Rewrites Memo

While Nancy Pelosi parades around using the I did not have sex with that woman approach to denying that she knew about the Bush administration’s terrorist interrogation techniques, A memo from the White House intelligence director confirms that indeed, the tactics were effective.

Now Barack the imposter has to walk a tight rope in trying to prosecute those involved in interrogating his brothers while not incinerating any Dems in the process. It looks like deceit is the approach they will take.

Before the above mentioned memo was released to the press, the White House edited the text and left out a few critical components. Like the part where the interrogation tactics actually worked. Yes, that part was left out of the memo.

I realize Barack Obama has a soft spot for his Muslim brothers, but for those responsible for, or even approving of 9-11 should have been subjected to far worse fates than waterboarding.

Of course this is something that actually worked. A Marxist like Obama is immersed in a philosophy that has failure built in to the system. Naturally he would see something effective as contrary to his beliefs. And apparently, if he has to lie, redact, re-write, deceive, obfuscate and spin to make us all passengers on his Titanic, he will.

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One Response to Waterboarding Worked, But White House Rewrites Memo

  1. VotingFemale says:

    I love that those Moonbats opened that pandora’s box!!!

    They are going to get their Politicial Asses handed to them…

    And, ohhh how richly they deserve it!


    Nice post, dear!

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