MSNBC Yanks Poll That Gives Obama An “F”

Yes, a poll from kool-aid drinker central invited what they thought were Obamabots to participate in a poll and give Barack Obama a grade for this first 100 days in office. What they got was quite a surprise.

The majority of respondents gave Obama a “D” or an “F”, contrary to the latest phony polls showing how popular he supposedly is.

Apparently it was too much for MSNBC to handle, and they yanked the poll. Here’s what used to be the page. Too late, the truth is out. Obama is not that popular, and getting less popular every day. But with the mainstream media on his payroll the obvious is not as clear as it should be.

That’s why he wants those borders open, that’s why he wants amnesty, because he certainly can’t count on America to re-elect him, if indeed he was legitimately elected at all. Well, with McCain running against him, he probably was, so he most likely didn’t need ACORN or Diebold to pad his stats.

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2 Responses to MSNBC Yanks Poll That Gives Obama An “F”

  1. Angela says:

    Oh yes he gets an F! F for forgetting he promised jobs Frist thing he does let his brothers hope to get out of GITO.F for forgetting to work on the economy? (2nd thing )sign for our taxes to pay for abortions here and overseas umm thats wasnt enough money spent so how about a 7 trillion defict for the next two genertions to be Taxed for? Now let get an energy bill going that taxes people who still dont have jobs,China and India are as bad if not worse than us They arent doing anything about about going GREEN so we need to work longer on ours and get more countries to jump in with us.All B.O. has done about our safety is basicly told our enemies yea I took over the arrogarnt rednecks why dont you come over for our WED,Night cocktail party and Ill let you have at them.When He let Air force One fly over New York City and I watched those people freaking out and running and scaried for thier lifes I felt just like I did Sept 11 2001 I cried for them what they must have felt, and he is in CHARGE? B.O. should know where those Jets are 24-7. You can hate Bush all you want but he would have never done that to the people of New York and Jersy City. B.O. acted like it wasnt him and really no big deal Oh Billy boy his spokeman even laughed I hope he goes to well that not for me to say. But the people need to vote B.O. out in 4 years I didnt vote him I dont even think hes there leaglly (Acorn faked votes it was proven) Just about anyone would be better than B.O. hes a lying, cheating, Taxing, careless soul less person hes NOT a man. Thanks for letting me have my say. If your not working out there America Im praying for you and your families!

  2. rjjrdq says:

    Why wait 4 years? I say impeach the imposter.

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